About FairGlow
A quality product from the house of Godrej Consumer Products Ltd, FairGlow was launched in 1999 as India's first fairness soap, and is today India's largest selling fairness soap with a substantial user base. It is the only toilet soap in the Indian FMCG market that is designed to give lighter, fairer skin, something that even leading beauty soaps are not designed to do. Godrej FairGlow has been relaunched in Dec'10 with an attractive new packaging and a beautiful mooncrest shape. It also has the unique Fairness + Proteins formula that enables it to deliver on its promise of fairer skin, simply through a daily bath. Made from 100% vegetable oils, it is a quality Grade - I soap with 76% TFM and a pleasant fragrance
The new Godrej FairGlow is currently available in 3 SKU's -
(1) 115g (pack of 3) at Rs.60
(2) 75g (pack of 4) at Rs.52
(3) *90g singles at Rs.15
*available in selected markets only